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Bedroom Full Movie Online: What are the risks when a director tries to interlink characters from three stories, restless with the angst of their personal and professional crises? In terms of format, it could become a repetition of what one has been seeing quite often in Indian cinema recently. In terms of content, it would need exceptional performances and probing into the mindspace of characters in a domain that doesn’t reduce it to yet another story of the problems of flings resulting from fragile relationships and ego hassles. Needless to say, Mainak had a tough task at hand, especially since the film had to live up to its hype and also bring something new and exciting to the table for Bengali viewers. 

For those who came in late, “Bedroom” narrates the tale of three couples — Abir and Paoli, Rahul and Parno, Rudranil and Ushasie. Abir is the corporate guy who hopes for a promotion but gets a pink slip at work and isn’t, for some strange reason, able to disclose that to his bored wife — Paoli. Rahul is the yet-to-be cast arthouse actor-turned-teacher who lives in with fashion photographer Parno even while the latter constantly believes that he can’t accept the fact that she earns more than him and runs the house. Rudranil is the much-sought-after actor who is happy bed-hopping only to realize that he too could fall in love with a journo (Ushasie). 
Adding new threads to these interlocked tales of relationships are the characters played by Tanusree Chakraborty (who believes Rahul is her knight in shining armour and will not judge her for her past), Vikram Chatterjee (an investment banker trying to rekindle his love for old flame Paoli) and Anubrata (a wannabe model with whom Parno has a casual fling). 
Cast: Abir Chatterjee, Rahul, Rudranil Ghosh, Paoli, Parno Mittra, Tanusree Chakraborty, Ushasie Chakraborty, Vikram Chatterjee, Biswanath Basu and Anubrata Basu, among others
Direction: Mainak Bhaumik
Genre: Drama
The biggest advantage for Mainak is his dialogues. Be it Rudranil or even Rahul, the punchlines on love, bachelor party, sex and dhoka have the audience rolling on the floor. The fact that Mainak has able members in the cast (especially Rahul and Rudra) at his disposal only helps when they add their own touch to dialogues. Then again, there is Rupam and Allan Ao’s music that is refreshingly apt in terms of the mood of the film. Check out Shreya Ghoshal’s “Arekta din”. Rupam’s “Who am I” and “Amen” and Babul Supriyo’s “Bodle Jaye”. 
The presence of too many characters often runs the risk of a movie’s crust getting wafer-thin. There is always a fear of maintaining the balance between revealing too much or being too sketchy. Tanusree might have bagged an interesting character but wonder why the director chose not to reveal her backstory? The same question intrigues when trying to understand Ushasie’s choices about love and lust. 
Cast: Abir Chatterjee, Rahul, Rudranil Ghosh, Paoli, Parno Mittra, Tanusree Chakraborty, Ushasie Chakraborty, Vikram Chatterjee, Biswanath Basu and Anubrata Basu, among others
Direction: Mainak Bhaumik
Genre: Drama
Bedroom – Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie When Parno dumps Anubrata in a boys-do-cry scene, it curiously evokes laughter! When Rudranil and Ushasie get intimate, it could have got sensual. “Bedroom”‘s punchlines, trendy music, interesting styling and an I-know-thismilieu-well spirit might have worked in its favour but the film could certainly have been more interesting if a sense of empathy was created for the characters. 
Bedroom bangla movie  The actual movie is all about Pleasure, N as well as Ananda. Whilst Pleasure is really a battling acting professional as well as performs training courses, Ananda functions within an We. Capital t organization as well as N is definitely an acting professional. Joy’s spouse who’s the style digital photographer operates the whole display because Pleasure barely makes anything, Ananda ‘s spouse is really a housewife as well as N is actually permanently prepared to rest close to along with whomever attracts their eye(actually a brand new woman every single day). Nevertheless blocking N, all of those other partners don’t reveal any kind of closeness whatsoever. Within Pleasure as well as Ritika’s situation, it would appear that compatibility is actually the key reason as well as Joy’s present condition instead of any kind of point otherwise as well as within Ananda‘s situation, it’s he or she that discovers excuses anytime their spouse attempts to obtain near to him or her through the night. Concerning the final 2 pointed out titles, the reason why closeness doesn’t can be found is actually obviously not really described. It would appear that the reason why aren’t lovemaking within character although there can be additional factors.

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