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Challenge 2 bengali/bangla movie Finally the specific delay is finished; Problem two Bangla Film released as well as hit Kolkata’s multiplexes. Before the release, film manufacturing organization certainly can create a big hype with the Marketing, seems as well as story, like usually. nevertheless right now superstar Dev in a variety of functionality.
Challenge 2 bengali/ban
gla movie Nevertheless subsequent seeing bangla film manufacturing organization, it truly is clear this Marketing associated with Problem two as well as the actual film is quite numerous. The specific marketing provides every little thing in order to pull in, nevertheless the film offers its very own things nevertheless is simply not specific properly. Movie director Raja chandra tried their preferable to produce a numerous Bangla film. Yet, in the finish it does not take similar like usually, extra masala, extra gallantry
Story: The film is about IPS officer Abhiraj and how he provides justice to his father 
Movie Review: A lot of good things can be written about Challenge 2. At the same time, a lot of not-so-good things can also be mentioned about this film. To start with, Challenge 2 is a film, which is completely made for Dev. The storyline, other characters, songs, everything revolves around this tall, dark and handsome hero. On one hand, this may have made the challenge of making this film a huge success easier, on the other hand, less attention to areas like the film’s plot and even the music (which is not at per with Challenge 1) can also be fatal for this film. 
The film starts with a promise. A background narration introduces Debraj Ray (Tapas Pal) to us. He is portrayed as a God-like character, who can do no wrong. But after a certain point of time, like every other commercial drama, Debraj’s life takes a tragic turn. Then the film takes a leap of 12 years and Abhiraj Roy (Dev) arrives. Abhiraj is an honest IPS officer in Mumbai. His main aim is to take revenge of all the wrong that has been done to his father, Devraj. In the process of taking badlaa, his manages to chase an underworld don and also fall in love with a beautiful girl (Pooja). After innumerable twists and some bizarre turns in the story, everything falls into place and everybody lives happily ever after. 
Dev, if you ignore his still imperfect diction, is perfect for Abhiraj’s role. He can fight, deliver garam dialogues and at the same time, can charm the audience with his mischievous smile. But we can’t forget that he gets a lot of support from the other brilliant character actors like Rajatabha, Kharaj and Shubhasish. Joyjeet, as a cop who believes in astrology, is a pleasant surprize. But it’s Tapas Pal, with his understated acting (for a change), really stands out. 
Though this film has the capacity to impress its target audience, there are some glitches those can’t be ignored. For a example, it seems really ridiculous when you see a police commissioner in Mumbai giving a byte to the local media in Bengali. Well, who can imagine that! Moreover, we, the audience, is sincerely tired of watching Ashish Vidyarthi playing the baddie again and again. It’s not that he is not a good actor, but it’s time for the Tolly directors to search for another villain. 
But, over all, during this Devipokkho this film is a good option to fill-up the spare time you’ll get in between pandal-hopping.
Challenge 2 is a 2012 Bengali action film directed by Raja Chanda starring Dev and Pooja Bose in lead roles. The film is not a sequel to the 2009 Bengali film Challenge; it contains a very different storyline. Major parts of the movie were shot in Malaysia, Dubai and Mumbai besides Kolkata. This is the most expensive movie made so far in Tollywood with a budget of  140 million. Challenge 2 is a remake of 2011 Telugu film Dookudu, directed by Srinu Vaitla and starring Mahesh Babu and Samantha.

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