Shotru Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie

Shotru - Kolkata Bengali/Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online Or, Movie Review: Dialogue pe dialogue, dialogue pe dialogue.....

Shotru - Kolkata Bengali/Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online


Movie Review: Dialogue pe dialogue, dialogue pe dialogue...and what one liners they are! Wah wah, wah wah. Care for some teaser? 'Ekhane kendriya sarkar chole na, rajya sarkar chole na. Ekhane khali ektai sarkar chole, Arjun Sarkar'. 'O ki PM na CM je hate somoy nei. Ek thappor mere ghorir kata thamiye debo, tarpor khali somoy tai thakbe'. 'Or ami

khichbo khal, after the interval'. 'Ek ekta chor pochish mon. Porle jabi Brindabon'. 

"Shatru" is a killer, all thanks to Dibakar Singha and his deadly fists that become super 'hot', what with fire running through them. Aw c'mon! Are you trying to see logic in Raj's latest outing? Need we remind you once again that we are talking about a potential potboiler, where poora paisa vasool is the format the director adheres to? And Raj is the master of this game. 

So, apna Bangali Dibakar Singha, the honest OC at Hridaypur thana, is janta janardan's favourite. But just before you start drawing parallels between Chulbul "Dabangg" Pandey and Dibakar Singha, please pay heed to yet another desi reminder. Dibakar, unlike Chulbul, is no corrupt cop. And yes, this one is a remake of "Singham". So, there. 

Cast: Jeet, Nusrat Jahan, Supriyo Dutta, Partha Sarathi, Biswajit Chakraborty, Dipankar De, Kharaj Mukherjee, Padmanabha Dasgupta and others
Direction: Raj Chakrabarty
Genre: Action

The story...Hmmm, now that might be difficult. Why not get an eyewitness account on that one, instead? Let's keep it a one liner, an honest cop out to eradicate bureaucracy, red-tapism and corruption. He is a "Shatru" to all wrong doers, more so, to Arjun Sarkar. Dibakar warns: 'Ami kono ishwar noi je chhere debo, aar rakkhosh noi je mere debo, ami holam police, saala chhara ar marar majhkhane lotke rekhe debo'. His message is loud and clear: 'Singha r ek thaba, bhule jabi ke tor baba'. But in between all the action and the stunts, the tough cop, of course, manages to fall in love with Puja (Nusrat), who more often than not, races around with her sister. 

"Shatru" might not be Raj's best, but the clincher lies in the fight sequences. Three cheers to fight master Rocky Rajesh. Well-shot by P Silva Kumar and well-matched by Jeet, "Shatru" is a delight for all those action lovers out there. The dampener, however, lies in the length and the leading lady, who, without a doubt, is a pretty face, but needs to brush up on her acting skills. 

In fact, Kharaj Mukherjee is a clear winner with his 'Bhajan 008, cut 2 cut' act and Partha Sarathi also leaves an impact as the loyal domestic help at Puja's household. 

Musically, "Shatru" tries to score with Indraadip Das Gupta's "Aye Khuda", "Rakhe Hari ke mare" and "Jaliye puriye". 

"Shatru", in short, is a one-man show. And showing off his brawn and tough cop brain is public's most-adored "Jeet da". 

Shotru kolkata bengali movie The actual Tale, occur the setting of the little city, orbits close to sub-inspector Dibakar Singho (Jeet), the daring very pleased law enforcement guy that acts within their home town the industry little city. Dibakar Singho forms each and every challenge within their city with patience together with his phrases associated with knowledge as well as reasoning as well as hotels in order to pressure only if the problem needs this.
Puja (Nusrat Jahan), the town woman that occurs a vacation in the city, drops deeply in love with Dibakar Singho. Bhajan (Kharaj), Dibakar Singho’s bumbling friend as well as buddy, frequently comes with him .Every thing appears to be sleek operating till Arjun sarkar (Supriyo Dutta), a large period extortionist along with questionable mafia working confronts towards the upset Dibakar Singho as well as he or she this particular begins pressure in between all of them.
Shotru kolkata bengali movie online Arjun Sarkar, not able to perform something since the city is actually underneath the manage associated with Dibakar Singho as well as their followers, simply leaves embarrassed. This particular affects their pride as well as he or she utilizes their politics clout to obtain Dibakar Singho marketed in order to inspector as well as used in their location to be able to draw out vengeance. Dibakar singho involves Howrah exactly where he or she views problem such as nothing you’ve seen prior as well as encounters difficulty because of the impact as well as energy associated with Arjun Sarkar. He allows the process so that as these people locking mechanism horns, points have a various change.

It’s away as well as away Jeet’s display. The actual motion sequences would be the USP from the movie. Jeet may be pictured like a lion within the motion sequences. It’s the homage towards the Western Bengali Law enforcement as well as demonstrates that there’s the lion in most truthful officer.


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