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Kolkata Bengali/Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online  Target Kolkata - Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie Story: The movie tells the story of...

Kolkata Bengali/Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online 

Target Kolkata - Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie Story: The movie tells the story of Kolkata's underworld and the city's tryst with terrorism

Target Kolkata Review: Honestly, Target Kolkata had potential. The plot, which mixed Kolkata's underworld with international terrorism, was different from regular commercial movies, the music directors took effort to make melodies worth remembering and especially the cinematography was exceptionally good as the cinematographers took great joy to show Kolkata in light and also in darkness. Moreover, the characters were created with great care and the director was also very efficient while casting for his movie. He also had singers like Alka Yagnik, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala, Rupam Islam lent their voices to the songs....but, (yeah, this 'but' was unavoidable) while watching the film, the feeling that something vital is missing, was extremely strong. After a certain amount of wondering, it became clear that the thing that was missing in the film was finesse. Target Kolkata's target audience was not clear from the beginning. The director wanted to make both the urban and the suburban-cum-rural audience happy and while doing that he completely lost focus.

Target Kolkata Film However, some moments and some characters in the film would leave a mark on the audience's mind and the first one among them was Suhasini Mulay as Bidita Bag's grandmother. This veteran and brilliant actor once again proved that she still had the capability of standing apart in every scene she was in. Bidita looked fresh but sometimes her expressions were repetitive. Subrata Dutta was understated and very smart. However, a special mention should be made about Bodhisattwa Majumdar, who played the character, master. He really carried off the dual-role with elan. Last but not the least, protagonist Arindam Roy acted well, but if he wants to make a future in Tollywood, he needs to work on his Bengali diction.

P.S. One small thing one would like to request to the director. Sir, if you want to make your movie acceptable to the audience, please don't include seedy item numbers. Believe me, the lyrics which said E shorir norom norom..jawani gorom gorom...hele dhorte pare na khoka keute dhoreche, was not enjoyable at all and definitely left a really bad taste in the mouth.Target Kolkata - Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie Watch Online.

Target Kolkata is supposed to be a film about terrorists as the name suggest so, but is hardly so and is in fact a muddled up story. The film gets it’s name from a mission which ATS Suryo wants to carry out on Independence Day as 3 terrorists have landed in Kolkata and have plans of bombing 3 strategic locations in Kolkata on that day. Enter Suryjo who makes a special plan to foil that plan. He takes rent in an old house in North Kolkata and carries out his operations from there and takes the help of Ganga ,a local guy who is a bit of ‘Robin Hood’, yet is involved with smugglers as well to nab the ‘Master ‘, an ace impersonator who wins the heart of everyone in the locality as the ‘do gooder’ of the locality , but is actually a terrorist in disguise.

From the very initial stage of the film, the director has no clue where the story is going nor what he intends to show. No one knows what exactly is happening. In this film instead of terrorism, there is romance and another ‘would be romance’ between another pair which makes things worse. Thousands of questions remain unanswered. Why would an ATS require the help of someone like Ganga to nab terrorists? The looks of Subrata Dutta as Surjo as an ATS just don’ t match and neither does that of one of his assistants who wears earrings. Cops and earrings? There is a goon who worships Amjad Khan and in fact tries to behave like him by asking one of his men ‘Kitne A

admi The’ ! It can’t decide whether it wants to be a love story or a love story with so called terrorism in the background because certainly terrorism or the mission revolving it is the last thing that the director has on his mind. His mind has wandered in to so many directions that everything is muddled up. Rishi who has acted in several Bengali films before has retained his original name, Arindam Roy in this film. We also get to see Suhasini Mulay(last seen in Bhuvan Shome 4 decades back) and it is indeed pleasant to see her. Bidita Bag and Arindam are a strange pair. One can hardly recall when we last saw Bodhisatta Majumdar in a negative role. The entire mission looks so amateurish and when the mission actually takes place, it is so comical to see Surjo and Ganga running around with the other cops.

‘Janemon’ sung by Sujoy Bhowmick and Somchanda is quite melodious and nice and the best thing about the film.

Cast: Arindam Roy, Bidita Bag, Subrata Dutta, Sreela Majumdar, Suhasini Mulay
Direction: Kartick Singh
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes


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