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Tenida is all set to walk straight onto celluloid from the bylanes of Potoldanga. Springing him back to life would be debutant director Suman Sen.

The latter’s all set to make a cinematic adaptation of Narayan Gangopadhyay’s Jhau Bungalowr Rohosya. And guess what, the director has zeroed in on none other than Kanchan to play the character.

Talking about the adventures of the local big-mouthed airhead with a heart of gold, the director admits that it’s the acceptability of the character that has inspired him to make a film on Tenida. “I come from an advertising background and I’ve done my homework. Tenida continues to be popular among the masses and how! Even youngsters are hooked on to the adventures of this lovable character. Also, Tenida is a huge brand. So, for my first film, I wanted to associate myself with a name as big as him,” says Suman.

So, features apart (the similarities are obvious and undeniable), what made the director approach Kanchan? “To tell you the truth, we wanted to go beyond the obvious, but failed miserably. Kanchan is so very Tenida. There was no thinking beyond him and even if we tried, we never succeeded,” the director owns up.

Kanchan, on his part, is in character when talking about his vociferous appetite (for good films). “The offer is too good to be true. And that’s why I’m taking my own sweet time. I haven’t inked the deal as yet, but mentally, I’m preparing to get under the skin of the character,” he admits, adding that it’s good to see Tenida back in action after Chinmoy Roy played the same, some 40 years ago.
As far as the rest of the cast is concerned, Suman admits that the unit hasn’t been able to decide on any. So, it remains to be seen which actors will play Pyalaram, Kyabla and Habul Sen. The script of the film has been penned by Srijato and Suman has got a verbal go-ahead from Soumik Halder, who was already won praises galore for his camerawork in 033, Bor Ashbe Ekhuni and Thana Theke Aschhi. For music, Suman wants to approach Chandrabindoo, as “Chandril has been involved with the project since its inception.” Micky is the creative director of the film.
The director explains that since 90 per cent of the film needs to be shot in North Bengal and the hills, he is planning to begin shooting in October. “Things will be finalised in the first week of May and we’ll take it up from there,” he says, adding that with this film, he’s all set to target both the urban and the rural audiences.
What with Tenida’s popularity, that sure isn’t asking for too much either.

Tenida kolkata bengali movie is really a really well-known personality within our Bengali books that were developed by the top Bengali author Narayan Gangopadhyay a number of years back again. The actual stories associated with Tenida kolkata bengali movie happen to be very popular through the years particularly in order to kids since it is actually the children’s personality. He  may be considered a impossible personality that frequently isn’t able within their course as well as requires their additional 3 bunch member-Kabla, Habu as well as Pela to complete exactly the same.
Despite the fact that he’s the slim personality, he is able to get through ridiculous amounts associated with meals as well as he’s additionally the group. Their bunch people actually adhere to him close to and that’s why he’s the actual undisputed innovator. He also offers the knack associated with resolving cases-that is actually getting upward from strangest locations as well as resolving instances within the weirdest feasible method within their own design!
This particular personality have been delivered to display within 1978 through Chinmoy Roy that performed the actual a part of Tenida in’ Char Murti’ that additionally starred Rabi Ghosh, Santosh Dutta yet others. Because Tenida is actually said to be the ‘changra’ character’, this suitable Chinmoy nicely as well as for the reason that movie Tenida countries upward within in a woodland together with his team as well as within their own design, he or she handles in order to reveal the actual identification associated with Swami Ghutghutananda, Gajeshwar as well as Seth Dhundauram have been in operation within generating phony foreign currency.

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