Bolo Na Tumi Amar Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie

Bolo Na Tumi Amar – Kolkata Bengali/Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online

Bolo na tumi aamar,the first big ticket Tollywood flick of 2010,Repeats the successful trio of Dev, koel, Surinder films (Mon Maane naa).

So,did the movie live up to the expectations?


Bolo Na Tumi Amar Story: Abhishek(Dev),a pizza-delivery boy accidentally bumps into Madhurima(Koel),a meritorious medical student in North Bengal and and from that point, they are at loggerheads.Madhurima’s father decides to marry her off with a cop, Soumyadeep Sen(Tota),but Madhurima was reluctant. Abhishek helps Madhurima  and tells Soumyadeep that he loves her. Soumyadeep does call off marriage but,adding to trouble bought a flat for Abhi-Madhurima,get them married off and force them to stay in that flat together.Now,you know what to expect.After initial fighting, Abhishek and Madhurima fall for each other but can only express that at the end after some unnecessary fighting and crying.


Bolo Na Tumi Amar Review:The movie had a predictable storyline,but N.K.Salil tries to Bring some credibility.How?By bringing in an unnecessary villain and ruining the climax and decorating the movie with one-liners and supposedly comic sequences, most of which fail to tickle your funny bone. You do laugh, but mostly at the absurdity of proceedings , true comic moments are  far between. Sujit Mondal doesn’t bring much to the plate, as a director. As for the actors, Dev is good only when he is confined to the romantic image, but goes well over the top most times , in fact he is particularly unbearable in that climax sequence. You always expect some fighting, screaming,shrieking given the storyline,but Dev and Koel surpass all such expectations . Tota however stands out among the rest in a restrained performance with impeccable comic timing. Sabyasachi, Supriyo are apt for the roles. Jeet Ganguly’s music acts again as a saving grace with Aayna, Keu elo mone mone and Paglu dance standing out. The choreography deserves special mention.

Bolo Na Tumi Amar Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie Watch Online


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