Koyekti Meyer Golpo Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie

Koyekti Meyer Golpo – Kolkata Bengali Movie Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online

Koyekti Meyer Golpo 2012 Kolkata Bangla Movie
Koyekti Meyer Golpo kolkata Bangla Film – Watch Bengali Movie Online Free  
Cast: Raima Sen, Parno Mittra, Tanusree Chakraborty, Mumtaz Sorcar and Locket Chatterjee, Subrat Dutta and Shantilal Mukherjee, among others
Direction: Subrata Sen
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes
Koyekti Meyer Golpo Story: The film explores the lives of escort girls who come into the profession in search of easy money. 
Koyekti Meyer Golpo  Movie Review: In case you are caught in a time-warp and clinging on to the belief that escorts are supposed to be essentially “fallen women”, Subrata Sen’s movie has the recipe for getting a perception-correction done. But if you already know that escorts need not be judged because they are in a profession where being uninhibited about sex is just a way of life, you might wonder what new Sen’s seventh film has to offer. Does it give a proper insight into how escort services operate in the city? Does the maker have the guts to handle sexuality in a mature fashion? Does it move beyond being pretentious while touching upon sensitive issues like lesbianism, women’s liberation and one’s sexual identity? Perhaps, it does in some measure though an evolved director, exposed to international cinema and aided by interesting actors, could have offered a more layered movie. 

Koyekti Meyer Golpo  If being bold is all about showing cleavage and women smoking and drinking at nightclubs while mouthing slang at the drop of a hat, “KMG” has all that in abundance. Perhaps, Bengali cinema has never shown girls who have no qualms about speaking in such a lingo. There is no taboo when Tanushree uses abusive words while asking her dazed client to show his “blackberry”! If “Autograph” and “Teen Yaari Katha” were bold in their use of slangs, “KMG” goes a step further. For those looking for titillation with such thrills, this will be a sure-shot paisa wasool movie. 
Koyekti Meyer Golpo But for the rest, who might have been exposed to international films dealing with escorts and hookers such as Julia Roberts’ “Pretty Woman”, Tom Cruise’s “Risky Business”, Keanu Reeve’s “My Own Private Idaho” and Dustin Hoffman’s “Midnight Cowboy”, this movie seems a little amateurish. However, Sen still deserves mention for having even attempted a subject like this in Tollywood and then experimented partially with a non-linear narrative. It’s good that he has made a film that doesn’t need to be shouldered by male protagonists. Even when men come into the picture, they are mostly reduced to buffoons who are either trying to exploit their subordinates with their power play at office or too busy craving for apple juice! 
As for the cast, Tanushree is in one of her boldest avatars on screen. Considering that it is a guest appearance in the film, Raima is okay in her role. Mumtaz, Parno, Locket and Kanchana deliver according to the briefs given to them. It’s a pleasant surprise to see Sidhu feature and lend his voice when the credits roll. 
But then, when one is talking about good cinema and its making and treatment, one can’t disregard the fact that independent movies made globally have already explored the world of escorts. Remember the tagline from “Working Girls” that went like: “Sex. Money. Kinky Customers. Lunch. For these girls, it’s all in a day’s work”. Escorts themselves have gone on to review “WG” and have maintained that the movie had a lot of accurate descriptions of their lives and times. But one wonders if the same can be said about “KMG”.
Koyekti Meyer Golpo Bangla movie Exactly like all of us avoid need hackneyed screenplay such as this any longer. Test this particular: The street incident offers removed 3 years’ memory space through Srabanti’s thoughts, whenever it is about back again, she is going to neglect every thing concerning the existing. Sadma, anybody? When it comes to finish… Srabanti will never keep in mind Jeet. Yet Jeet needs to create the girl keep in mind. Which pull associated with battle continues for any frustrating half an hour until the particular orgasm… The memory space all of us may want to remove.
Abhi (Jeet) is really a child of the really important plus highly regarded individual (Bishwajit Chakrabarty) plus lives in Phoolbari within attractive Northern Bengal. This individual drops within really like at the beginning having a uptempo lady Shruti (Srabanti) that involves invest the girl holiday within Phoolbari in a relative’s home. Their own connecting will get more powerful continuously.
Koyekti Meyer Golpo Kolkata Bangla Bengali Full Movie Even though Srabanti likes Abhi’s organization, the girl worries associated with dropping your pet, as being a child of the feared mafia manager Agnidev Roy (Bharat Kaul) who are able to proceed any kind of time size in order to end the connection. Yet the girl overcomes the girl fear plus Abhi requires the girl the particular “will a person get married to me” query.

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