Nodi Re Tui Bangla Full Movie Watch Online

Nodi Re Tui  Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online

The story revolves around the poor villagers of Abantipur and how their lives get affected when the government decides to build a dam on the river — in a bid to generate electricity locally — and thus, develop the area and lifestyle of those living in the village. But why are the villagers upset?
Review: Atreyee (Moubani) arrives at Abantipur village to survey the area before they could start constructing the dam. As a government official, she has to submit a report on the pros and cons before the project takes off. Although Atreyee has to face the initial opposition from the villagers, it is Zubai ( Abhiraj) who comes to her rescue. He tells the villagers to let her work in peace. After all, she is their guest.
Atreyee finds Zubai quite an interesting character and wants to know more about him. She likes his simplicity and his innocence touches her. For Zubai, the river is like his parents, which takes care of everything. And it is from Zubai that she learns more about the villagers and their problems — how they have to let go of their lands and properties if the dam is built. Atreyee grows very fond of Zubai. During her stay, she also meets the PanchayatPradhan (SoumitraChatterjee) and the BDO (AshokeViswanathan), who too are worried about the future of the villagers once the construction begins. She gets furious when the local leader of the ruling party, Bhabenbabu (MrinalMukherjee), tries to bribe her into writing in favour of the project so that everybody can reap benefits, once the grant is sanctioned. A miffed Atreyee decides to deal with the situation tactfully.
The story so far is fine. It focuses on how helpless and innocent villagers are treated as mere pawns in the game of politics. But the director goes overboard after this. A few scenes after the interval, where he draws reference to Maoist attacks and NarmadaBachaoAndolan — to justify his subject — seem pointlessly overstated. The only saving grace — it doesn’t turn out to be another regular love saga.
As for performances, all the actors are just about okay. While the senior members of the cast — SoumitraChatterjee, AshokeViswanathan and MrinalMukherjee — do justice to their roles, the juniors — Moubani, Abhiraj and Gautam Guru — fail to impress.
It’ll be criminal to miss the dialogues here. Sample this: When Atreyee decides to end her relationship with her boyfriend Jack ( Gautam Guru), he says, “Be ma-chee-ur (mature) babe,” further adding, “You are just fineesd (finished). Tomar shob sesh hoye jabe… Tomarcarrier (career), aamader relation ki hobe?” Beat that!
Probably because of the shoddy camerawork, Nodi Re Tui comes across more like a half-baked documentary than a feature film. It even falters in the editing department. The film that could have ended in one hour and 15 minutes, meanders unnecessarily. Need we say more?
Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee, Moubani Sorcar, Abhiraj, Gautam Guru, Ashoke Viswanathan and Mrinal Mukherjee
Direction: Kingshuk
Genre: Drama

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