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The particular moments between writer as well as the pleasant ghosting really are a pleasure so that as this is actually the minimum frigh...

The particular moments between writer as well as the pleasant ghosting really are a pleasure so that as this is actually the minimum frightening of most tales, actually amusing within character, the particular target audience will certainly such as this uncommon tale probably the most.
Film: Maa Amar Maa 

Cast: Hiran, Dipannita, Ranjit Mallick, Sandhya Roy, Laboni Sarkar, Chandan Sen and others 

Director: Haranath Chakraborty 

Maa Amar Maa Bangla Movie

Maa Amar Maa kolkata Bangla Film - Watch Bengali Movie Online Free 

The latest from Haranath Chakraborty could have been an ideal Mother's Day release. In fact, a mother's patience was what was expected from the first-day-first-show audience during the soundless screening for the first 45 minutes at a south Kolkata theatre. 
With the snags taken care of and the film taking off on a rewinding note, it was time to taste the motherly interplay of Alo (Laboni) and Chhaya (Sandhya) --- the two moms of Surjo (Hiran). Married to an anti-social Tilok (Chandan), who beats Alo black and blue and forsaken by an evil mama-mami, this mother has no choice but to desert her newborn at a nursing home. Her only consolation comes from the fact that Surjo has been adopted by the affluent Bikash and Chhaya Chatterjee. 
The janmodata mom keeps close watch as Surjo grows up to be a handsome 22-year-old, romances businessman Indrajit Mukherjee's daughter Jhuma (Dipannita), bags a DSP's job and curbs all heinous acts with an iron fist. 
If the Hiran-Dipannita chemistry gels perfectly well onscreen, the showstealers definitely come from stellar performances by Laboni and Chandan, specially the sequences of an aged Tilok after he is released from jail. The clincher comes when Alo drives a pair of scissors into Tilok because he wanted to blackmail the very family that had taken care of her son and turned him into a "manusher moton manush". 
With Manotosh Chakraborty's screenplay and dialogues, and Ashok Raj's music, this Haranath venture could well be a mirror of a mother's unconditional love for her son. 
Check out : Dipannita needs to be more expressive with her dialogue deliveries. She needs to brush up on her dancing skills. The model-turned actor, sure flaunted a well-coordinated wardrobe 
Hiran's character Surjo uses his bike and the office car to visit Jhuma's father. His reason being that the office transport should not be used for personal use. It is strange that the same person should agree to Jhuma's father helping him out in stopping his transfer to Purulia because Surjo had rubbed a neta the wrong way


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