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Indian  Bengali film Papi  was launched in 22 Jun 2012. The actual film is usually Directed by Kaushik Sen and Authored by Aniket Chattopa...

Indian Bengali film Papi was launched in 22 Jun 2012. The actual film is usually Directed by Kaushik Sen and Authored by Aniket Chattopadhaya. This particular film is actually generated by by Ashok Dhanuka and the tunes of this film is directed by Brahmakhyapa. The leading famous actors in this film are Prosenjeet, Sayintika and Pooja Bharti. There is possibly a number of very skilled and also knowledge famous actors similar to Arj Bobbor and Horish Patol also played a job in this particular film. The actual funds in this film had been 7 Crores and it also earns the rupees of 35 crore.
Bengali film Papi is mainly a action film but there is also a lot of fun in this movie. Prosenjeet performed a excilent work in this move, after a break Prosenjee has back in his own personality and the storyline of this movie is also wonderful. One can enjoy a lot to see this movie. There is some lerning factor too in this particular movie. There are some social problem are mentioned in this film.
This bangla movie is full of intension. I suggest you to enjoy this movie for gaining appropriate satisfaction.

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Movie Review: Aarya Babbar is the Paapi. Why, you ask? Well, Aditya Chowdhury as he is known in the film, poses as Rahul, dupes an innocent Hardwar girl Piya, marries her, has his fill of sex and after a few days, dumps her. Left in the lurch and with no support from the cops, Piya tries to commit suicide. 

Honest lawyer Nirmal leafs through Piya's diary and comes to realize that they have one common enemy — Aditya Chowdhury. Incidentally, he is the same guy who was the reason behind his suspension. So now, Nirmal takes an oath to fight Piya's case and bring the 'Paapi' to book. 

Aziz Sajawal was clear about one thing. The first half should belong to Aarya and the second to Prosenjit. So, his Aditya Chowdhury hogs the limelight with his honeymoon escapades, involving elaborate liplocks and some steamy lovemaking sequences. Strangely, when you try to match the lips to the dialogues, it seems like the characters are speaking in some other language and the Bengali dialogues look totally out of place. 

The second half has Prosenjit threatening Aditya with, "Piyar case ta ami nichhi... Tui na parbi diner alo e nischinte kaj korte na parbi raater ondhokare nischintey ghumote."Aarya is left to a few scowling acts, grooving to the title track, "Paapi" , and an attempt to rape Piya on the pretext of giving her a job. Preachy and unnecessarily lengthy "Paapi" has very few things that can score. Prosenjit, however, looks dapper with his beard and cool casuals. Sayantika's act is limited to more of a song-dance routine. So, she shimmies and shakes to "Amar bhaita sala banao" apart from instructing Nirmal to let the law take its course. Rajesh Sharma hardly has any screen space to do justice to his ACP deal. In short, "Paapi" looks like an effort gone sour. 


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