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Bengali movie Prem Amar  was Released on October 9, 2009. The Director of this movie is Raj Chakraborty and the Producer of this film is Shr...

Bengali movie Prem Amar was Released on October 9, 2009. The Director of this movie is Raj Chakraborty and the Producer of this film is Shree Venkatesh Films. Music by well known Jeet Ganguly and lead roled by Soham and Payal Sarkar.
Prem Amar kolkata bangla movie was acquired an excellent beginning with 90% houseful about weekends. Naturally, the movie received combined opinions. Critics commonly criticized the rate of the movie.

Prem Amar kolkata bangla movie

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Full Story: Rabi (Soham) belongs to a lower-middle-class family and lives with his parents and his younger sister in a Railway Quarters Colony. He is seen by the others in the community as a good for nothing fellow as he skips classes, fails in exams, gets involved in fights, goes behind girls and hangs out with friends most of the time. Rabi also thinks that his father hates him and often quarrels with him, even threatening to leave the house once for all, only to be persuaded not to do so by his mother.

Rabi's life changes when a family comes in their colony below Rabi's house. Rabi finds that the family has a beautiful girl, Riya (Payal) and is attracted to her gradually. Rabi tries to garner her attention but Riya has a poor opinion on him after watching his antics like creating trouble in a cinema, interrupting her performance during a colony get-together.

At one point of time Rabi confesses to Riya that he is in love with her. But Riya's fiancee Rajiv comes to know about this and sends his goons to beat him up. After fighting with those goons he tells her that having been ridiculed always, he found respite in the fact that she at least cared to look at him. But he promises to wipe her thoughts out of his mind, as he is not the right match for her.

He is however unable to keep up his words and continues to pursue her. Riya begins to realise that Rabi is not such a useless fellow, when his best friend Kamdev tells her that he has the skill to dismantle and assemble any motorcycle within minutes. She takes Rabi to a Hero Honda dealer and requests them to offer him a job. He is promised a job if he is able to assemble the parts of a bike. Initially, Rabi is uninterested and gives up the task. She tells him that she loves him and asks how he would take care of her without even a job in his hand. A very happy Rabi then demonstrates his skill in motorcycle assembly, thereby securing a job with the dealer.

His father feels proud for the first time in his life of his son, when Rabi gives him his offer letter. Though he refuses to openly acknowledge the efforts of Rabi, he appreciates Rabi secretly to his wife later that night. Having overheard the conversation, Rabi realises his father's love for him. Riya manages to change Rabi into a responsible person and he slowly drops all his bad habits.

The intimacy between Rabi and Riya is soon discovered by her mother and she refuses to their marriage. This is because Riya's family is heavily indebted to Rajiv's who have been financially supporting them ever since Riya's father suffered losses in his business and had a cerebral stroke which made him paralysed. As a show of gratitude, Riya's parents want to get Riya married to Rajiv of the family who have been helping them. Although Rajiv is a bad habit guy who once even tried to rape Riya but somehow saved by Rabi. Riya's family left the colony immediately to avoid Rabi.

As matters get out of control, Riya with the help of Kamdev escapes from her home confinement and gets to meet Rabi and they both end up in a room in a guesthouse. Riya reveals to Rabi that she has taken the biggest decision of her life by deciding to sleep with him, as he should not regret falling in love with her when she marries the guy chosen by her parents. Though initially stunned by her decision, Rabi ends up making love with her. The next morning Rabi and Riya start to argue when Rabi says he wants Riya to live with him forever, marrying her, while Riya expresses her desire not to marry him as to save her family.

They continue arguing as they exit the guesthouse. Upon crossing the road, Riya is knocked down by a truck, even as a helpless Rabi watches the horrible accident right before his eyes. Rabi is also hit by a speeding vehicle while running towards the scene. The scene shifts to the hospital where everyone is mourning Riya's demise and a badly wounded Rabi tries to get a glimpse of his lady love even as he is stopped by his friend Kamdev. Rabi goes to the morgue and finds Riya's dead body.

Later, Rabi is shown trying to be unsuccessful in committing suicide, as he survives every time. His last attempt leads to utter chaos in a busy city road and leads to several people beating him up. He is saved by a small group of nuns and as they try to talk to him, he sees Riya passing by. Riya takes him from those nuns and goes with Rabi walking. They settled down at a place and Riya pleads Rabi to go on with his life so that she can be alive with his memories and love. Finally Riya left an injured crying Rabi at the street symbolising that it is Rabi's illusion which makes Riya alive in his memories forever.


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