Mistake Kolkata Bengali Full Movie

A dead-beat plot intercepted with sequences that will make you go LMAO, that’s about all that Mistake really is.
The storyline is neither here, nor there and the editing, abysmal. Ria (Preeti), Nil (Vikram), Sree (Malabika) and Rahul (Sourav) are friends from a top city college. Ria is the odd one out, as she hails from a small town and is shocked out of her senses when her friends introduce her to their daily thek of booze-guzzling and pot-smoking. When all that booze and pot result in Ria being thrown out of her hostel, Nil and she decide to move in together by tricking the landlord into believing that they are a married couple. Thereafter they have sex, she becomes pregnant and he refuses to marry her. What happens next, is anybody’s guess.

The scenes that shows Ria and Nil having sex are worth mentioning. One might find it a little irksome that throughout the love making sessions Ria keeps whispering ‘No’ and ‘Stop’ while Nil gives twopence to her whispers and has his way with her. Also a little baffling is why would a college-going kid smile divinely upon finding out that she is pregnant out of wedlock! And Ria’s IQ must be a matter of research as, even after getting pregnant and putting up with unspeakable mental and physical torture from Nil (which results in an abortion), she emerges the student of the year.

But all of that can be passed off as the character’s idiosyncrasies. What can’t however, is how after being portrayed as a doting mother to Shree for 90% of the film, the penultimate scene sees Indrani Halder suddenly transforming into the crass police inspector, who while questioning a firangi drug peddler, uses torture techniques involving hot eggs that might make one’s intestines revolt.
Preeti Jhangiani does a good job. Malabika still has a long way to go and Sourav didn’t have much to do anyway. Vikram Chatterjee is a natural with potential, but grossly misused in the film. The other actors such as Kunal Padhy and Indrani Halder look comfortable as Shree’s parents while Biswajit Chakraborty is good as the pot-bellied landlord.
Last, but not the least, what is meant by thim song, as shown in the end credits, is beyond the reviewer.

Mistake Bangla Movie

Mistake Bangla Movie – Watch Bangladeshi Bengali Film Online free by BamglaMovies24
Cast: Preeti Jhangiani, Vikram Chatterjee, Sourav, Malabika, Indrani Haldar, Biswajit Chakraborty, Dulal Lahiri, Kunal Padhy and Barun Chakraborty
Direction: SK
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes
Two friends, Ria and Nil decide to live-in. But when life throws challenges their way that they are too immature to handle, the consequences are life-shattering.

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