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Bengali movie Bye Bye Bangkok  premiered within thirty January 2011. The particular movie is generally Aimed as well as Published through An...

Bengali movie Bye Bye Bangkok premiered within thirty January 2011. The particular movie is generally Aimed as well as Published through Aniket Chattopadhaya. This specific movie is actually produced through Ur. G. Techvision (Indian) Pvt. Ltd.. Music with this movie is really aimed through Gautam Ghoshal & Brahmakhyapa. The key well-known stars with this movie tend to be Swastika Mukherjee as well as Kanchan Mullick. There’s perhaps numerous really experienced as well as understanding well-known stars much like Shilajit Majumdar as well as Rudranil Ghosh additionally performed employment with this specific distinctive movie. The particular money with this movie have been 5 Crores and in addition it makes the actual rupees associated with twenty-eight crore.

Bye Bye Bangkok - Kolkata Bengali/Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online

This really is primarily the commedy kind film, that was shooted within Bangkok as well as Calcutta. Even though film is generally a light-hearted humorous, there’s a viewpoint inside the tale by the end making meant for a substantial as well as effective answer the particular hypocrisy together with required selfishness associated with people wanting to protect their very own impact in the town existence. That particular is generally a benefit for those who temporarily stop to understand them, However for those who don’t, the actual film might nevertheless have a good deal to attend fun from home. If you wish to have a humorous movie, It is suggested to determine this specific film.
Cast: Rudranil Ghosh, Kanchan Mullick, Kharaj Mukherjee, Silajit, Sujan Mukherjee, Rajatava Dutta, Swastika Mukherjee, Anjana Basu, Locket Chatterjee, Sonalee Chowdhury, Kanchana Moitra, Rajesh Sharma and Priya Karfa, among others
Direction: Aniket Chattopadhyay
Genre: Drama
Movie Review: Brush aside the thoughts of "Bye Bye Bangkok" being a desi version of "Blame it on Rio". 
If you want to enjoy a fun film that has a clever concoction of humorous one liners and knockout performances, "BBB" seems like a safe bet this season. The film revolves around the life of four couples played by Anjana-Silajit, Sonalee Chowdhury-Kharaj Mukherjee, Kanchan Mullick-Kanchana Moitra, Sujan Mukherjee-Locket Chatterjee. Sadly enough, everyone is so busy pursuing their dreams that they throw caution to the winds and engage in alleged extra-marital affairs only to find themselves trapped in embarrassingly amusing situations. The result is a clean comedy of errors on the sun-kissed beaches of Bangkok.
If there was a tie between what exactly works for Aniket Chattopadhyay's film, it would be between the director's script and the effortless performance by an able cast. Kanchan finally gets a role that should make other Tollywood directors regret why they never used his potential the way Aniket has. His body language as a gamcha-clad deity-obsessed worshipper or the scared-stiff cuckolded hubby who wants to get buried in the sand or hugs Anjana tight while saying 'ami apnake didir moto dekhi' is spot-on. So, is Rudranil in the role of a driver. Mark his comic timing in the scene where he opens his T-shirt, pulls it to cover his face and then takes it off completely before retiring to a deck-chair. And then, there is Kharaj as the crass promoter who is perpetually speaking wrong English and creating a laugh riot of sorts. If these three act with their body language as well as the sheer power of the situational comedy, Silajit, Anjana, Kanchana, Sonalee and Sujan rely more on Aniket's lines. If Kanchana is decent as a small-time model-cum-mistress, Anjana is the right cast as the much-ignored yet educated college lecturer who wants to prove a point. Sonalee as the award-obsessed social worker gives enough scope for Aniket to pen the dialogues that take a dig at what goes into the making of the city's internationally awarded films. Award-winning directors in this city might not take too kindly when Silajit insists that the must-have ingredients for an award-winning movie are: "Nongra bosti, aborjona, matal, beshya, kata ghuri, banshiwallah, gas balloonwallah, baaj pora taalgaach". The audience, however, will enjoy a good laugh over it. Not forgetting Swastika, who looks and acts the bimbette, and Biswajit Chakraborty's bit role of a fix-it-all travel agent. Of course, there are moments when the film slips into the slapstick mode and becomes repetitive. Thankfully, the razor-sharp characterization doesn't allow the attention to dwindle and soon enough, there are other situations that get the audience in splits.
Though the film is a light-hearted comedy, there is a twist in the tale at the end that makes for quite a strong comment on the hypocrisy and essential selfishness of people desperate to protect their image in the urban life. This sure can be a bonus for those who pause to take note of it. But for those who don't, the film will still have a lot to carry back a smile home.


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