Pratidwandi Kolkata Bengali Full Movie

Pratidwandi – Kolkata Bengali/Bangla Movie Full Movie Watch Online

Bengali film Pratidwandi was launched upon 27th Oct, 2010. This specific movie is actually Aimed as well as compiled by Anup Sengupta. The key stars of the movie tend to be Ranjit Mallick, Rahul, as well as Priyanka,. Addititionally there is Indira Anamika Saha, Rajatava Dutta as well as Dipankar De performed part with this film.

Movie Review : Yet another potboiler from Tollywood. Thankfully, this time around, the venture scores over the usual churnouts, in terms of acting, sets, costumes, location and treatment. “Pratidwandi”‘s plot revolves around Iqbal Khan (Ranjit Mallick), who voices his protest against the system through Patho natikas (street dramas). Interestingly, the film sees a Ramzan release. What adds on to the storyline are the requisite twists and turns that successfully hold the attention of the audience. What also works in the films favour is the fact that even with a cast of real-life couple Rahul-Priyanka, this isn’t a cliched love story. 
   The story begins with Dibyendu (Rahul), a village lad from a humble background, aspiring to be a Tollywood actor. He succeeds in becoming so with some help from his Guru Iqbal Khan. But with fame, Debu becomes Akash Kumar, an insensitive guy, who chooses to be blind to the cause of the ailing. As luck would have it, the village belle Sharmila (Priyanka) marries superstar Akash. 
   It won’t be wrong to say that “Pratidwandi” is Ranjit Mallick’s film and the actor does justice to his character. Rahul too does a good job portraying his inner conflict. But in some portions, he screams a bit too much. Priyanka serves as an eye candy and does a pleasant job doing so. Rajatava, however, appears post interval. His funny one liners, “Ami Home Minister Shankar Ghoshal, paan khai kintu pik felina”, and “Maathe namiyechhilam century korte, kintu byata zero run e bat ball niye fire elo” won a lot of talis from the audience. 

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