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Agnee (Bengali: অগ্নি) is a Bangladeshi Bengali dialect film. Controlled by Iftakar Chowdhury. Stars Mahiya Mahi, Arefin Shuvo, and a lot of people more. Discharging on 14 February 2014 . 

Bangla Movie Agnee is really totally movement subordinate bangla film. and additionally its completely delight bangla film. An extraordinary bangla film present as to target group of onlookers endeavor to Jaaz Media. Arefin Shuvo and also Mahiya Mahi may be the joined together upward bangla film is really Agnee. Totally Agnee may be the first organic chemistry inside film press on the whole connected with Arefin Shuvo, Mahiya Mahi and Iftekher Chowdhury. 

Inside modern bangla film relying upon Arefin Shuvo may be the amateur inside bangal motion picture business. Extra viewpoint Mahiya Mahi is acclaimed experience and additionally overall loved VIP inside Bangladeshi motion picture and also press. Every Arefin Shuvo and also Mahi frenzied their imminent bangla film. Arefin Shuvo’s pending film have a tendency to be Amazing Infant Amazing, Bhalobasa Zindabad, Friday Bojhe na et cetera. and additionally Mahiya Mahi prospective film have a tendency to be Tobu to Bhalobashi, Dobir Shaheber Sangsar, Romeo 420 et cetera. 
Agnee may be the best using plan film inside Bangladesh. Agnee bangla film using plan is really 2.5 crore Taka. Pretty much all perspective on the off chance that alright after that Agnee bangla film to end up dispatched upon fifteenth Oct, 2013.

The film starts will Tanisha (Mahiya Mahi) killing Kamal (Iftakar Chowdhury) to Take Revenge for Her Parents Death, But the Others Who were involved in Tanisha’s Parents Death are currently in Thailand. After Killing Kamal, Tanisha flies to Thailand with an Incognito Identity so The Powerful Underworld involved behind her Parent’s death doesn’t recognize her. In the mean time, Gulzar (Ali Raz); Underworld Don gets a news about Kamal’s death and finds out Tanisha is behind this. He sends Dragon (Arefin Shuvo) to kills Tanisha, but Before he finds he, Tanisha attacks Don. In Thailand, Tanisha is living in Dragon’s uncle’s house. Dragon is living in the same house and later they falls in love with each other without knowing they are enemies. After few days, Tanisha finds Dragon’s safe house and kills Don. After killing Don, Tanisha plans to kill Shiba Sanu. After Tanisha killing Shiba Sanu, Dragon finds out that Tanisha is the killer. Haider (Misha Shoudagor); The Biggest Underworld Don and Gulzar also finds out about Tanisha’s Real Identity and that Dragon is in Love with Her. Haider gets angry and Sends his gang to kill Dragon but After they fails to kills Dragon; They kill his Family Members, at the ending Dragon and Tanisha Kills Gulzar and Haider and Takes Revenge for Tanisha’s Dead Parents.

The Film Review
The Best Part of the film is Action Stunts and Scenes; especially The Scene Where Tanisha Fights Kamal and Kills Him, Arefin Shuvo and Mahiya Mahi’s Speedboat Chasing Scene, Overally All the Action Scenes Were International Standard. The Story, Duration and Timing was also Very Good, The Screenplay, Presentation and Action were the Trump Card Behind Film’s Success. Not only the Action Scenes, Mahiya Mahi and Arefin Shuvo;s Comedy Scenes were also funny. Arefin Shuvo in new look is the Secret Behind the Popularity of the Film, His Looks in the film can easily be compared to Hollywood Look. The songs were also very melodious and the Shooting Spot has Distriguished the film from other Dhallywood Films. With Dolby Sound and Crystal Clear Projection, The Film is absolutely Worth Watching.

Agnee marks the new begining for Bangladeshi Film Industry, After watching the film, one can clearly understand the Golden Days of Bangladeshi Cinema is Back, If Every Director takes Agnee as an Example and Start Making Films like Iftakar Chowdhury Did, Golden Age Of Bangladeshi Cinema will be back soon and One can clearly say that the Audience once again is turning to Bangladeshi Cinema for Entertainment.

Director: Iftakar Chowdhury
Producer: Shish Monwar
Writter: AJ Babu
Cast: Mahiya Mahi, Arefin Shuvo, Misha Shoudagor, Kabila, Don, Shiba Sanu, Dani Sidak, Iftakar Chowdhury
Studio: Jaaz Multimedia
Distributor: Jaaz Multimedia
Release: 14 February 2014

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