Jamai 420 - Kolkata Bengali Full Movie

Jamai 420 - Kolkata Bengali Full Movie Online Story: Three couples elope to Bangkok to set things right after a series of unfortunate incide...

Jamai 420 - Kolkata Bengali Full Movie Online

Story: Three couples elope to Bangkok to set things right after a series of unfortunate incidents turn their love lives upside down.

Review: Jamai420 is more than two hours of mindless madness. So mindless that it could even give a Sajid Khan film a run for its money! I mean, why? Why would a successful divorce lawyer like Joy (Ankush) leave his roaring career behind and rush off to Bangkok to set his love life right? Just to give the film the right settings for a few song and dance sequences? Even the settings were not good enough. Poolside fountains can be found in abundance in India. Why would a luxury hotel in Bangkok have a reservation desk clerk who is Bengali by birth, looks Caribbean, and behaves like Martin Lawrence as Big Momma? Why would three families.... Wait, make that four. So, why would four families, including the borderline insane avatar of Biswanath Basu and his gun-toting mother, rush off to Bangkok at the drop of a hat? Moreover, Shankar Chakraborty as Mimi's father deserves a mention in the record books for surviving more than 100 strokes and still going strong! And finally, why spend money to make such a film and drop it on unsuspecting people?

Now that we are done with the pleasantries, let's start a little dissection. First, acting. All the actors in the film have managed to take hamming to the next level. Kharaj Mukherjee, Shantilal Chakraborty, Supriyo Dutta, Biswajit Chakraborty and Shankar Chakraborty are right up there, at the top. The only non-hammers were the girls in the cast and Hiran, as Ankush, Soham leave no stone unturned to act as loud as possible. But I guess that's maybe because the director wouldn't settle for less. But the result was a hamfest, with each actor trying to out-overact the others. Music. Well, can't say it's bad; just run-of-the-mill commercial stuff that makes you shake a leg for a week or so before fading into oblivion.

And now, the most pertinent part. Comedy. Slapstick; heavy on slaps, but nothing that sticks. In fact, one wonders how can Biswanath Basu getting slapped every third minute be considered even remotely close to being funny?

The bottomline? Jamai 420 has three good looking girls, three relatively handsome guys, a helluva lot of angry parents and tonnes of nonsense. If you're ready to go through hell to see the girls dancing in wet hot pants or think you can tolerate constant catcalls from the general audience to watch the hero of your dreams, go ahead and watch the film.

CAST: Ankush Hazra, Soham Chakraborty, Hiran, Nusrat Jahan, Mimi Chakraborty, Payel Sarkar, Kharaj Mukherjee and others
DIRECTION: Ravi Kinagi
GENRE: Comedy
DURATION: 2 hours 18 minutes


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