Agnee 2 – Bangladeshi-Indian Full Movie 2015

Agnee 2 is a 2015 Bangladeshi-Indian action film directed by Iftakar Chowdhury. It is the second installment in the Agnee film series and serves as a sequel to Agnee (2014). The film stars Mahiya Mahi, Om, Ashish Vidyarthi and Robiul Islam in pivotal role. Mahi is the only actor from the previous film to appear in Agnee 2.
After the initial success of Agnee (2014), Production Company Jaaz Multimedia announced the production of the sequel. Although the film was originally scripted with the cast from previous film, the film stalled for a while due to lead actor Arifin Shuvoo pulling out of the film due to professional difference and scheduling issues. Director Iftakar Chowdhury later roped Indian actors Ashish Vidyarthi for the negative role and Om for male lead. The film is produced by Abdul Aziz, his production company Jaaz Multimedia funded approximately 70% of the film’s budget while Eskay Movies funded the rest. The film is scheduled to be released on June 18, 2015 in Bangladesh and India, during Eid weekend by Jaaz Multimedia and Eskay Movies. Majority of the film took place in Thailand.

Agnee 2 – Bangladeshi-Indian Action Full Movie 2015

Agnee 2 was released by Jaaz Multimedia on July 18, 2015 in Bangladesh and released by Eskay Movies in West Bengal, India on August 14 and Australia on August 25. Upon release, the film received mixed to negative reviews. The film grossed ৳32 million in the domestic box office, however Jaaz Multimedia and Iftakar Chowdhury announced their plan for a sequel.
Director: Iftakar Chowdhury
Stars: Mahia Mahi, Raja Goswami Om, Amit Hasan, Ashish Vidyarthi
Runtime: 116 minutes.
Strength: Action.
Weakness: Story.
Rating: 2.5/5
Plot: Tanisha returns to take revenge on the ones who killed the love of her life.
REVIEW: Tanisha (Mahia Mahi) is back in the second instalment of Agnee and this time she is out to take vengeance for the killing of Shishir, the love of her life. The premise is stuck in the one dimensional nature as the previous film as the heroine is all out killing the murderers of her loved one. However, the story is fast paced, and keeps the viewers glued to the screen, but this reviewer felt it to be a disadvantage to the story as the lead actress is seen in both Bangkok and Dhaka in disconnected sequences. Tanisha breaking into and attacking the Interpol office and the Interpol officer (Amit Hasan) communicating in Bengali also seems unrealistic to say the least, but Mahi has grown as an actress with better expressions, action and dance sequences. Ashish Vidyarthi delivers a good performance as the antagonist, and Om’s performance was laudable as well. Another area the makers can improve on is the computer animations, especially the 80’s style video game standard blood spatters from the lead character’s victims. The “item” number “Magic Mamoni” felt out of place and the music of the film turned out to be mediocre. Even though the commendable action and dance sequences, which was well received by the audience, made it popular enough for the director to announce another instalment of the series, attention should be given in the future to adding more depth to the storyline.
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