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Bheetu [2015] – Indian Bengali Full Movie Watch Online

Story: The rape and murder of two Kolkata girls send cops into a tizzy, while the perpetrators carry on with their perverted activities. One of them, Rony (Ritwick), stalks Sohini (Parno), who is in a relationship with Andy (Shaheb) — an hotelier’s son. Sohini and her elder sister Rohini (Sudiptaa), who are already traumatized by a childhood molestation incident, are forced to retaliate when Rony gets violent.

Review: Bheetu is a racy, thrilling ride through the dark world of fearless, perverted minds and the grey abyss of fear. It’s a story well told, with good sound effects and music. But what kind of grates on the nerves is its over-emphasis on all things sexual. And in that lies its failure. After all, from all angles, it’s a film made to highlight the plight of women in today’s porn and sex-obsessed society. Its aim, apparently, is to drive home the message that women are taken advantage of because of the fear that often paralyzes them just when they need to act. Its message: retaliate; kill if need be.
But, somewhere on the way towards this lofty aim, the film loses its way among the very things it wants the audience to abhor.
For one, Parno oozes oodles of sex appeal in hot pants and off-shoulder cleavage-showing tees in most of the film. She even has a couple of intimate scenes with boyfriend Andy (Shaheb). We have no problem with that. But the problem arises when her character happens to be that of a girl, Sohini, who is so traumatized by a childhood molestation incident that she refuses to forgive her elder sister Rohini for not rescuing her when she was being sexually exploited by their uncle. Such is her trauma that she has nightmares about the incident almost every night. This background, somehow, doesn’t gel with the character we see throughout the film. Her hatred, the anger seems justified, but almost carefree personality doesn’t fit into the mold her character demands.
Then there is Rony (Ritwick) — a perverted sex-obsessed youngster who thinks nothing of rape and murder. He collects women’s undergarments and video-tapes almost every girl he sets his eyes on. The fact that he murders a girl at the very beginning of the film and keeps passing lewd comments about Sohini and other women well establishes the fact that he is perverted and borderline psycho. So, two scenes of him masturbating while watching videos of Sohini on his mobile phone are anything but necessary. These just add to the overly sexual tone of the film instead of adding anything to Rony’s character.
Another character that’s kind of contradictory is that Rohini (Sudiptaa), a wheelchair-bound 30-something woman whose husband leaves her because of her depression and psychological state. He states that her fears have driven a wedge between them. But her character seems nothing out of the ordinary. True, she is depressed after a crippling fall from a horse in Darjeeling, she has severe respiratory distress, but in no way does she seem to be in the grip of any fear.
But these critical flaws apart, the film flows quite smoothly. The storytelling is crisp, the music engaging and all the actors, including Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, who plays senior police officer, K Dasgupta, are good. Dasgupta is the officer in charge of the rape and double murder case. Sudiptaa, especially, is flawless as the crippled woman, who is torn between her own marital problems and her sister’s hatred for her. Ritwick, too, manages to be as revolting as his character demands. But somehow, his role refuses to stand out, as he seems to be playing the same character over and over again for the last several films. The same north Kolkata mannerism and the same kind of dialogues. ‘Stereotyped’ seems stamped all over his character. As for the rest of the cast, be it Parno, Shaheb, they have done justice to their roles.
Over all, Bheetu is a watchable film, especially for those who want to take a few lessons in perversion. As for women, well, it’s better avoided.

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