Naxal 2015 Kolkata Bangla Full Movie

Naxal 2015 New Indian Kolkata Bengali Full Movie Online

Naxal (Bengali: নকশাল)(English: Naxalite) is a 2015 Bengali-language Indian feature film directed by Debaditya Bandyopadhyay, starring Mithun Chakraborty and Dhritiman Chatterjee in pivotal roles.

The backdrop of the film is an era that is known to every Bengali. An era, which is popularly known as NAXAL AMOL or the NAXAL PERIOD. It was a period in the history of the state of West Bengal, that began with the infiltration of the ideas of the socialist movements in the western world (specially Latin America) making a formidable impact on the psyche of the meritorious Bengali youth. Mithun Chakraborty plays the lead role in this film as a Naxalite.
Plot:The period was early 1970s. Brilliant brains from Calcutta Medical College to Presidency College, from Calcutta University to Bengal Engineering College, the meritorious boys and girls plunged into the revolution for social reform. They had given up their prosperous and promising careers for the sake of the society. However, the administration could eventually overcome the surge and more sadly, a few miscreants also took advantage of the general unrest for personal gain that eventually brought infamy to the revolution that was otherwise a dedicated and a respectable one. Thus the careers of these bright minds were doomed and many of them were killed and rest was forced to flee or go underground.
Such is the impact of this age on general Bengali psyche that one can still overhear the elders discussing about the incidents and events in private. But discussion in public still carries a taboo. A few films on this topic have been made in the past, but they had indirect reference to the issue. But our film is directly based on this topic. The central theme of the film is the distinction between a genuine Naxalite and an opportunist one. On one hand, is this social issue of the past on the other a current burning issue, that of committing suicide in Kolkata Metro, has also been given due priority in this film.
The greatest USP of this film is the convergence if these two widely known issues that of an ex-naxalite, who is still dedicated to the social cause, threatening to commit suicide at a Metro Station, that too as a challenge to the general public administration to meet his demands. Such demands that involve social welfare, demands that set apart a true Naxalite from an opportunist one. The fact that true men of character can never be subdued by ‘fear’ of consequences is the foundation stone of this film.
Mithun Chakraborty as Anirban Sen
Dhritiman Chatterjee as Siddhartha Chowdhury (Owner of a News Channel)
Gargi Roychowdhury as Reena Sen
Shankar Chakraborty as Arijit Mitra
Nishita Goswami
Kapil Bora
Kanchana Moitra

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