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Herogiri Bangla Movie Story: Subho’s (Dev) father Dibakar (Mithun) desperately wants to see his son married. So when he meets Maria (Koel), he feels she will be the perfect wife for Subho. But everything is not what it seems. Maria’s ex-fiance and his uncle take a vow to not allow the marriage happen and reveals some facts of Subho and Dibakar’s past that stun everyone.

Herogiri  [2015] –  Kolkata Bengali Full Movie Watch Online [HD]


REVIEW: As the title suggests, Ravi Kinagi’s Herogiri is a testosterone-laden melodrama with the usual mix of action, high-strung emotions, some slapstick humour and songs shot in exotic foreign locations. So, what makes this film different from the other run-off-the-mill commercial Tolly releases? It’s the presence of two superstars in one frame. Dev, with his droolworthy presence may make many young girls go dhak dhak, but Mithun Chakraborty still overshadows everyone with his screen presence. His chemistry with the hero half his age is something that makes the film watchable. Another factor is Kharaj Mukherjee and his enviable comic timing. Though sometimes it’s borderline slapstick but because of Kharaj, your funnybone is tickled in the right way.

CAST: Mithun Chakraborty, Dev, Koel, Sayantika, Kharaj Mukherjee
DIRECTION: Ravi Kinagi
GENRE: Drama
DURATION: 2 hours 30 minutes

Still, the film will not stay with you after you leave the theatre, mainly because the other factors – the rest of the cast, the storyline, the songs or the fight sequences – feel cliched. The villains, the sidekicks and even the locations will give you a strong sense of deja vu.
Then there is Koel Mullick. Despite sharing screen space with biggies like Mithun and Dev, this film could’ve easily been hers, given the screen time she gets. But she fails to cash in on that most of the time. Her performance, whether she’s making a fool of young boys, romancing Dev or playing the damsel in distress, is so high-strung that it can make you jittery. On the contrary, Sayantika, as the soft-spoken doctor Nandini, looks pretty and plays her part well.

Herogiri would have been a good film if it had a touch of reality. When Bengali cinema is celebrating many unusual storylines and making their protagonists more approachable and down-to-earth, one hero fighting a hundred goons with his bare hands is not something we need to see any more.

The presence of two stars i.e. the everhero Mithun and the funny hero Dev. Dev, with his salivative presence may tune the youngsters to go wow. However, the show stopper is our very own Mithun Da with his trademark discowalk. His chemistry with the hero half his age is something that makes the film watchable. Another thin pluspoint is the ex Xaviarian Kharaj Mukherjee’s comic timings. His humoristic dominance will keep the viewers refreshed every time they think that the film is another photocopy of South India. As usual the film will fade away from your grey matters very fast after you come out of the cinema hall and start dribbling in the city traffic. The main reason will be the storyline, the songs, the fight sequences etc. And then there is the producer –wife Koel Mullick, who desperately tries to be bubbly as always and succeeding in occasions. She fails to take the opportunity to be focused despite her sizable screen time and the presence. On the otherhand Sayantika is maturing through every film. Here, she plays her part well as a soft spoken doctor. She looks dam pretty in the show. Overall, Herogiri is film which you want to see on TV after 2 months, rather than spend a chunk of your pocket money in the multiplex. If it’s a single screen movie house then that’s another story.

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