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STORY: Raina (Parno), the daughter of business tycoon Ritobrata Roychoudhury (Shankar), is arrested for killing an NRI businessman. What ...

STORY: Raina (Parno), the daughter of business tycoon Ritobrata Roychoudhury (Shankar), is arrested for killing an NRI businessman. What follows is a thrilling ride, as ace lawyer Pronoy Dasgupta (Dipankar De) join hands with ACP Prithwiraj (Samadarshi) and elusive private eye John Braganza (Mir) to prove her innocence.

REVIEW: Sesh Anka won't make your knuckles go white gripping the seat handles, but it's surely a web well woven. What's more; it doesn't have that predictable cliched storyline. That, for certain, makes for a great thriller.

Sesh Anka 2015 Kolkata Bangla Indian Bengali Full Movie 

CAST: Dipankar De, Parno Mittra, Samadarshi Dutta, Mir Afsar Ali, June Malia, Arindam Sil, Shankar Chakraborty, Debolina Dutt, Atanu Barman, Shataf Figar, Debaprasad Halder
DIRECTION: Tathagata Banerjee
GENRE: Thriller
DURATION: 2 hours 3 minutes

The strength of the film lies in something pretty basic — the casting. Almost every actor fits their character like a glove, and they have more or less done justice to their roles. Dipankar De looks and acts perfect as the pot-bellied, retired ace criminal lawyer, Shankar Chakraborty looks pretty much like the self-made business tycoon, whom he plays pretty well, Samadarshi is quite believable as the cynical cop, and Mir...well, better not character-zone him, chameleonic as his role is. But he shines in the many avatars of the elusive private eye, John Braganza. Though his appearances are short and few, he manages to play every character to the hilt and also adds to the mystery to the film. But Debolina looks a tad young for the role of the scheming Minakshi Bhattacharya. If Minakshi had been around since Raina's childhood, pushing the girl's mother — who is also her lover Ritobrata's wife — to suicide, a slightly older look would have suited her better. But she doesn't look that age, though she has played the character really well. June, however, looks perfect as Amrita — the mother of Raina's deceased friend, Payel, though she looks too stoic at times. Arindam Sil, too, looks and acts perfectly as her husband, Alokesh Banerjee, who is also a VP in a private TV news channel and a childhood friend of Ritobrata.

The film hardly has any significant goof-up, except Minakshi and Ritobrata's introductory scene, where the former seems to be smoking an unlit cigarette. Though her face is out of focus when she drags on the fag, there is no tell-tale glow at the burning end. Apart from this, the police investigation feels a bit sketchy, as the narrative leaves out the details. This, no doubt, adds to the mystery, but it also makes the story jump from A to B without the right reasons.

But overall, Sesh Anka is surely a thriller that is worth every paisa you pay to watch it. It manages to keep you glued to your seat with some great camerawork and a fast, racy storyline that refuses to let you guess the climax.


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