Kistimaat (2014) - Bangla Full Movie [HD]

Kistimaat (2014) - Bangla Full Movie Watch Online [HD] Kistimaat has good cast, outstanding stunt scenes, beautiful locations and pr...

Kistimaat (2014) - Bangla Full Movie Watch Online [HD]

Kistimaat has good cast, outstanding stunt scenes, beautiful locations and pretty awesome music, It an outstanding Trailers and Teasers; it was rare for the film to go wrong; so therefore there were a lot of excitement and buzz around it’s release.
In simple words, the film is about a careless Police Officer who becomes a victim of the an underworld Mafia conspiracy and later finds out that It was that mafia which was responsible for the death of his father. So he comes out and take revenge on them.

The story may seem familiar to tons of other films but the way Aashiqur Rahman presented it to the audience is slightly different. This kind of making is very good indication for future Bangladeshi Cinema.

+ Plus Points
The film may not be the best, but undoubtedly, Kistimaat is the best film among all the releases this Eid. The film have a handful of good things, and the best thing about Kistimaat is it’s background Music, The making; to be precise was really good.

Arefin Shuvo is good as usual, but in this film; the director has put him into a very good use. The costume, expressions are the lifeline of the film. Other than Arefin Shuvo; Misha Showdagor fits perfectly in his role as well as Tiger Robi.

Cast: Arifin Shuvoo as Durjoy, A Police Officer and the main protagonist of the film.
Achol as Piya, Durjoy's love interest and an aspiring actress.
Misha Sawdagor as Lion Robi, Leader of a large criminal organization and the main antagonist of the film
Tiger Robi and himself, Owner of a film production company and brother of Lion Robi
Elias Kobra
Habib Khan, The police commissioner
Afzal Shorif, A Corrupt police officer allied with Lion Robi, Later joins Durjoy.
Zadu Azad
Subroto as Durjoy's Father, A former Police officer

– Minus Points
Being the leading actress of the film, Achol couldn’t deliver what was expected from the audience. Achol proves to be a bad choice as a lead actress. Some flaws in storyline are vastly visible to the audience and the Storyline could have been better.

Taking the fill film into acount, it can be said that Ashiqur Rahman has done a well job; considering Kistimaat is his first release. The film is charismatic but the only tiny flaw is the story. Nevertheless, The film is worth watching and if you are going to watch a movie in theater, Kistimaat is an ultimate choice. Therefore, I am going to give this film a four out of five.

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