Sondhe Namar Aage 2014 – Bangla/Bengali Full Movie

Sondhe Namar Aage Story: Rusha (Nusrat), the daughter of famous model Elina (Rituparna) and renowned writer Subinoy (Arijit) returns to India 20 years after her father faces the gallows for murdering her mother and reopens the case. She recruits private investigator and ex-cop Protyush (Rahul) to unravel the mystery behind her mother’s death.

Sondhe Namar Aage 2014 – Bangla/Bengali Full Movie Watch Online [HD]

After Basanta Utsav last year, Ritabrata Bhattacharya’s new film Son
dhe Namar Aage is a unique thriller in a format which is very much unlike any other Bengali film. We say so because of the screenplay and the story telling .
The film is about a murder which takes place 20 years back at the Magic Hour, but gets solved 20 years after it. The murdered person is Ilena, a former Miss Calcutta who is vivacious and draws men like magnets to her and even gets involved with many of them though she is married with a kid. However she keeps on searching for that dream man who will give her ultimate happiness as even her husband who is a poet and literary figure has given up on his wife due to her extra marital affairs and infidelity and they are just two different personalities. Later on Subinoy is arrested and hanged on the charges of murdering his wife, but did he really do so? There are 4 other people with strong motives who could have done so actually- Pramit, the photographer who became famous after Ilena helped to launch his career and was involved with her, Ilena’s brother-in-law who hated her for being adulterous, Michelle, Ilena’s ex hair dresser and governess of Roosha who never forgave Ilena for the death of Sarah, her daughter who had drowned because of Ilena and lastly Ishita, Ilena’s younger sister who hated Ilena because she had stolen her boyfriend from her sister. Who actually committed the crime?
CAST: Biswajit Chatterjee, Rituparna Sengupta, Rahul Bose, Palash Sen, Nusrat Jahan, Arijit Dutta, June, Sanjiban Guha, Debjani Chatterjee and Priya Karfa
DIRECTION: Rhitobrata Bhattacharya
GENRE: Thriller
DURATION: 2 hours 9 minutes
Ritabrata comes up with this crime thriller where Nusrat Jahan plays the lead role along with Rahul Bose. This interesting choice of lead characters is what makes the film watchable. Nusrat in her first ‘non commercial’ role in a ‘different’ film plays Roosha, the young girl who is out to seek the truth behind her mother’s death and for company she has her father’s biographer, Pratyuk (Rahul Bose) who is also set to unravel the mystery. While the story slowly unravels in front of us, we see how each of the suspects has a dark side to them as each one of them is vengeful towards Ilena for various reasons. While Pratyush is a biographer, however he completely deviates from his main job and starts assisting Roosha in finding the truth! Oh! This biographer only communicates with the entire world through a tab since he can’t speak as he has a problem! Through a series of events which have occurred in the past which are shown from time to time, the real mystery is unveiled and the end is quite interesting! There are however a few things which just don’t match. Pratyush is initially shown
as Subinoy’s biographer, but then we come to know he is an I.P.S officer who is a private investigator. Rituparna Sengupta is okay as the glam queen, but why include that song to make her character more evident? Even the other songs aren’t required or up to the mark. Priya Karfa is quite good as Ishita as is Debjani as Michelle. Euphoria front man, Palash Sen looks every bit as Pramit, the fashion photographer whose career takes off with Illena. We doubt however whether he could have suited any other role. Biswajit Chatterjee is actually seen in a bit role, but is wasted. Arijit Dutta

is miscast as Subinoy. Can anyone imagine Arijit walking with his swagger and speaking in his usual style being the submissive Subinoy? No, certainly not. Rahul Bose keeps on expressing with his eyes giving all support to the character of Roosha, but wait, there is a shocker at the very end during the last scene of the film which just has to be seen to be believed and has to be seen at any cost! The cinematography and the set location are beautiful and the entire making of the film is quite smart. Can we put this film in the film noir genre as far as Bengali films are concerned? Perhaps we can.

See the film for this reason and the last scene itself.
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