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Dhaka Attack is an upcoming Bangladeshi action thriller directed by Deepankar Deepan and produced by Three Wheelers Films in assosiation with Splash Multimedia. It stars Arifin Shuvoo, Mahiya Mahi and ABM Sumon in leading roles. Principal photography of the film began in Dhaka in January 2015. The film is scheduled to be released during June 2016. The film is based on Bangladesh SWAT’s audacious operation against a terrorist attack in the heart of Dhaka.

Synopsis; A special division of SWAT Forces’ execution of a critical operation to prevent a large terrorist attack in the heart of Dhaka City.

Dhaka Attack 2017 – Bangladeshi Action Thriller Bangla Full Movie Watch Online HD FREE

Arifin Shuvoo as the Vice DMP commissioner
ABM Sumon as SWAT Special Forces Commander
Mahiya Mahi
Afzal Sharif as the DMP Commissioner
Shatabdi Wadud as Bangladesh Police Intelligence Unit officer
Nowshaba Khan
The filming officially began on 29 December, 2015 at Pan Pacific Sonargaon. The film was first announced by Three Wheelers Films during early 2015, The film was to be directed by Deepankar Deepan and Arifin Shuvoo and Mahiya Mahi was signed as the lead pair. Riaz Uddin Ahamed Siddique was confirmed to join the cast in September 2015, but later opted out and replaced by ABM Sumon. The film also stars Shatabdi Wadud and Nowshaba Khan in supporting role. The screenplay of the film was written by Dhaka Metropolitan Police Detective Branch Commissioner Sani Sarwar Hussain. The movie will be shot in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Mumbai.
“Hands up! You are under arrest!”
That is the most widely used dialogue of commercial Bangladeshi cinemas where at the end, the policemen strong in, guns blazing and arrests the villain after the hero has done the heavy lifting.. The trend is however, going to change now with Dipankar Sengupta Dipan’s upcoming production Dhaka Attack, a story that revolves around the daily life of a policeman in Bangladesh.
The genre of cop dramas and police action thrillers isn’t as commonplace here as it is elsewhere in the world.
“In our country, although we have little or insufficient capital and other arrangements, we have tried to portray how the police carries out thrilling operations, diffuses bombs and participates in day to day activities to maintain law and order, most of the time sacrificing their personal and family lives,” says the director of Dhaka Attack.
Dipan was careful from the beginning about one particular thing – he wanted to make the movie an entertainingly commercial one and not a documentary.
“We want to represent how the police works and satisfy audience from all walks of the society, be it a professor or a man with no academic education. So there will be dance, songs and all other elements necessary to make it an entertaining film, but it will also showcase the skills and strategies that police use while conducting a drive,” Dipan said at the official launch of shoot of Dhaka Attack at the Hotel Pan Pacific Sonargaon on Tuesday.
Starring Arefin Shuvo, Mahia Mahi and Shatabdi Wadud, the shooting of the movie is expected to be wrapped up by April and hit the theatres the following month.
For a while now, Dipan had been a close associate of India’s prominent film-maker Anurag Kashyap and is working on the ninth graft of the script originally written by additional deputy commissioner of Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Sunny Sanwar. Sanwar wrote the story with the title “Thrill Point” two years ago. Anurag Kashyap wished best of luck to the crew of Dhaka Attack in one of his recent Facebook posts.
“Out of love for the profession of the police I wrote the story. The daily life of a policeman is way more eventful and dramatic than what we see in movies. But there is no realistic or artistic representation of that in the media,” said Sanwar at the event.
“This movie will help eliminate negative impression of police from people’s minds. It will help boost up a positive image of police and strengthen the connection between the police and general people,” said joint commissioner of DB, DMP and convener of Dhaka Police Paribar Kalyan Samity (Dhaka Police Welfare Trust), Md Monirul Islam BPM (Bar) PPM.
Dhaka Police Paribar Kalyan Samity, Splash Multimedia and Three Wheeler’s Ltd are jointly supporting the production.
Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan chaired the ceremony as the chief guest. He said the police was doing a good job and it should be highlighted.
“In our neighbouring country India, we watch crime patrol and get a positive impression of the police there. Something similar should be done in our country. We need to earn the trust of general people. They must consider policemen as their friends,” he said.
Actor Arefin Shuvo who plays the central male role in the cinema said: “When I wore the costume of police and the helmet which weighs around five kilos, I could not even stand properly. So imagine how the police work everyday. They do not take a leave during Christmas, Eid or Puja. They are constantly dedicating all their time to serve us. So we must not consider them as our enemies.”

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