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Katmundu (2015) STORY: There’s no respite for Sidhu (Rudranil), Sunny (Soham) and Pablo (Abir) as their evil boss, Aiyoswami (Saswata), makes life difficult for the trio. Sidhu, bogged down with work, suffers from short-term memory loss and that’s when their friends decide to escape to Nepal. They tell a lie and more lies follow when the prospect of a peaceful holiday takes a beating.
REVIEW: Heard of Lily Mashima Palestine? Former first boy-turned-software engineer Sidhu suffers from it, or so he would have us believe. When the disease starts to have a bearing on Sidhu and his friends, Pablo and Sunny, they make the ground shake in Nepal. No, not literally silly. The disease is an excuse the trio cooks up to escape from their south Indian boss Aiyoswamy’s simmering sambhar-esque temper. They tell the boss that Sidhu, already suffering from short-term memory loss, has lymphosarcoma of intestine. The only difference is that Rajesh Khanna had it in ‘Anand’ (read joy, here), but Sidhu’s is a sad story.

Katmundu (2015) Bengali Full Movie Watch Online [HD]

In Nepal, the three friends find two other travellers — Pallabi (Srabanti) and Rai (Mimi). Besties, they have a problem for every solution. And the problems get in the way of what could have been friendship at first sight. The guys and the girls have a fallout and end up baying for each other’s blood. But then, who will kill whom? In three attempts, Pablo falls flat on his face from a two-storey guesthouse, Sidhu lounges around in lingerie and Sunny almost drowns. When the guys and girls finally make peace, Aiyoswamy arrives with his come-hither secretary, Meenakshi (Malobika). To save their jobs, the men need to hide their identities. So, enter the Nepalese versions — first single, then double — of the trio. Even as Aiyoswamy looks out for his office slaves, two more people come looking for him. Revealing their identities would be giving away the story.
All the actors add to the revelry that this hilarious script by Padmanabha Dasgupta ensures. But Rudranil, despite being OTT, is a cut above the rest. So, when Sunny shares the story of how Pablo, the jilted lover had once consumed 20 sleeping pills, Sidhu forgets he’s alive and asks, ‘Morey gelo?’ Abir, the angry young man, still has his moments, but Soham is a complete waste as the Casanova, who later falls in love. However, they manage to bring alive a rare friendship on the Bangla screen and put up a better act than both Mimi and Srabanti, who are just about fine as individual actors but lose balance when thrown in together. The discovery of the movie is its silent player — Roja Dey as the much-in-love Kanchi, who holds Sidhu tight even as he insists that they would return to Kolkata and sign the monastery (read registry). She is as different from the rest as thakali is from aloo-posto.
CAST: Rudranil Ghosh, Abir Chatterjee, Soham, Saswata Chatterjee, Mimi Chakraborty, Srabanti, Roja Dey, Malobika Banerjee
DIRECTION: Raj Chakrabarty
GENRE: Comedy
DURATION: 2 hours 5 minutes
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There are smart lines too many, and most work despite the heavy sexual undertones. But the narrative is not entirely devoid of glitches. It’s not known why the entire bunch gets on board a flight during their stay in Nepal, why the flight attendant shares the list of passengers’ names and why the one suffering from lymphosarcoma of intestine in real is seen taking an injection herself! Despite suffering from cancer and having taken chemos, she flaunts her beautiful mane like no dame in distress would. In dearth of adequate homework, lymphosarcoma of intestine is reduced to well, Lily Mashima Palestine. But that’s only a minor irritant. The beautiful sunkissed pre-quake Nepal comes alive with Sirsha Ray’s deft handling of the camera and some euphoric un-Anupam Roy numbers by Anupam Roy. The opening scene leaves a mark and sets the tone for the laughathon ahead. In the end, as Raj Chakrabarty chooses north over south, we don’t really give a damn. It’s cinema, both smart and with a heart.

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