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Manihara (2015) STORY: Former CBI officer and private investigator Rudrajit Roy (Chiranjeet) is roped in by industrialist Arun Chowdhury (N...

Manihara (2015) STORY: Former CBI officer and private investigator Rudrajit Roy (Chiranjeet) is roped in by industrialist Arun Chowdhury (Neel) to probe the mysterious disappearance of his wife Monideepa (Sohini). His investigation reveals an eerie tale of frustration and betrayal.

Manihara (2015) REVIEW: Manihara binds you to your seat for more than two hours straight, giving you goosebumps at times and sucking you into the narrative at others. And if it's a debut directorial, I guess we need more such debutants. From the opening credits to the last jolt, the film flows smooth and easy, shocking only when it's meant to. That makes it a really good watch, though the storyline has its share of holes.

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It's technically sound and the editing, especially, is excellent and adds fantastic detail to the narrative. When Monideepa is writing her last letter, the snappy cuts to her jewellery, or the way the shots shift between the floor indicators and Rudrajit when he rides down a lift adds an almost ad-like momentum to the narrative. Some shots, too, are excellent, especially those involving Monideepa. The correct use of light and shadows heightens the tension. But the music, especially the background score, takes the cake. Bob Stevens has done a fantastic job of jolting you from your seats every time the narrative takes a turn towards the supernatural. Even the few songs have been beautifully woven into the storyline. The use of digital effects, too, has been really balanced.

CAST: Chiranjeet Chakraborty, Sohini Sarkar, Argha Deep Chatterjee, Neel Mukherjee, Biplab Chatterjee, Manasi Sinha, Late Kunal Padhi, Debranjan Nag, Rii
DIRECTION: Subhabrata Chatterjee
GENRE: Horror
DURATION: 2 hours 9 minutes

Coming to the performances, every actor has more or justified their character. Chiranjeet looks and acts like the sleuth he is, sans the 'I'm a super sleuth' aura that's so common on the big screen. As for Sohini, she has put up a subdued and subtle performance that goes perfectly with her character. She manages to portray her sensuous femininity, her obsessive lust for jewellery and her thirst for true love quite well. Argha Deep, who plays Moni's ex-boyfriend, has also pulled off a pretty decent act. But the performance that takes the cake is that of Biplab Chatterjee, who plays Argha's landlord. He not only adds a hint of comedy to the narrative but actually goes about it with a natural flair.

When it comes to the storyline itself, it seems the script needed some more work. For one, Rudrajit always carries around Moni's last letter, but its contents are never revealed. Why does it intrigue him? What's so mysterious about it? Second, the story spans two years, but doesn't explain what happens in between. Why do things suddenly take a turn after two years? No logical explanation. Such holes are not expected in a film that is supposed to be an altogether new take on a story told before. But, as I said at the outset, Manihara makes for a great watch. And I'm sure you'll love it like I did.

Manihara (2015) - Kolkata Bangla/Bengali Full Movie Watch Online [HD]


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