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Peace Haven is a Bengali / Bangla comedy drama movie watch online And Download. Peace Haven is a story of 3 elderly gentlemen who start pre...

Peace Haven is a Bengali / Bangla comedy drama movie watch online And Download. Peace Haven is a story of 3 elderly gentlemen who start preparing for their death after witnessing the death of a friend in the absence of their friend's son, by planning about building their own mortuary. The film is a study of these gentlemen, their conceptions and perceptions about death and how they prepare themselves to face the end as they moving towards it and the way they discover the meaning of life ironically through death.

Suman Ghosh’s Bengali film ‘Peace Haven’ celebrates life -  Director Suman Ghosh says his film “Peace Haven” mocks death but cherishes life. Starring Soumitra Chatterjee in the lead role, “Peace Haven” tells the story of three friends, all in their 70s, who discover the meaning of life while trying to set up a mortuary for themselves.

Peace Haven (2016) Bengali Full Movie Watch Online 

“The characters of ‘Peace Haven’ talk about death but it is not a dark film. Rather they are not shying away from the inevitable. They realise life by facing death,” Suman told PTI in an interview.
World premiered in Busan Film Festival, “Peace Haven” tackles a serious subject in a funny way.
“In this context certain films of Woody Allen come to my mind. Though the name (Peace Haven) may suggest so, but there is nothing morbid,” he says.

The idea came to Suman’s mind when his father had initiated a move to set up a mortuary with his contemporaries. He also recalls an incident when he called up his elderly uncle who was ailing. 

“The philosophy of our senior citizens to accept the inevitable gracefully and not being cowed down by premonition is the reference point of my film.” On Soumitra Chatterjee, the ‘Kadambari’ director says he is amazed to see how enthusiastically he performs even at the age of 81. “Our journey started with ‘Podokhep’ which had got him the national award for best actor in 2006. We had also worked in ‘Dwando’,” he says. Suman, who also directed Chatterjee in ‘Nobel Chor’, says the thespian has practically achieved everything in this life as an actor but he still remains very curious and extremely dedicated. Asked for his take on the film, Soumitra said, “I have done over 300 films in the last several decades. But at this stage one thing I can say, I found Suman’s subject intriguing.” “Peace Haven” also stars veterans Paran Bandyopadhyay and Ashok Mukhopadhyay. According to the filmmaker “Peace Haven” belongs to the same genre as “Shyamal Uncle Turns Off the Lights”. “Shyamal Uncle…” is based on a true story involving an eighty-year-old man, who wades through an apathetic system with a seemingly trivial goal – turning off the street lights near his home which are left switched on even during the day. “Peace Haven” will be released commercially this month. However, “Shyamal Uncle…” will not see the local release in theatres here.  


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