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Story: When Sharmila’s beloved pet dog, Pluto, goes missing, she resorts to extreme measures to get him back. But her innocent efforts cost her police officer husband Arindam dearly, and with mind-boggling results. 

Review: Trust me, if this film was made in Hollywood, it surely would have worked. For an audience which has grown up watching alien attacks, miraculous personality changes and superpowers, the atrocious things that have been shown in Jayasree Bhattacharya’s debut film, Pati Parameshwar, wouldn’t have come as a surprise. Alas! This is Tollywood, and no matter how much we try, keeping slapstick within a tolerable limit is not something the new-age directors have learnt from their legendary ancestors. The result? Another ‘laughathon’ turnned ‘yawnathon’. Very dependable actors — Rajatava and Rahul — have failed to save the day. The storyline, script and ultimate execution is so OTT that all their efforts go down the drain.

Pati Parameshwar (2016)  Bengali Full Movie Watch Online [HD]

There’s nothing much to write about the plot. It involves a missing dog and a truly ridiculous twist (no, I’m not giving any spoiler — although after getting tortured for more than two hours, I’m sorely tempted!). But there is plenty to said about RituparnaSengupta’s performance. Watching her as the dog-loving Sharmila in this film, you will really wonder if this is the same actress who amazed us in films like Utsav, ParomitarEkdin or Dahan, to name a few. Throughout the film she’s preoccupied with just two things – shouting and crying.
Movie : Pati Parameshwar
Music : Surojeet Chatterjee
Singers : Mir, Akriti Kakar( Mumb ), Rana Majumder ( Mumb ), Rituparna Sengupata, SupratikGhosh, Jayati Chakraborty, Surojeet Chatterjee, Jun Banerjee ( Mumb )
Label : N.K.Music & Studio Pvt Ltd
Language : Bengali
Producer : Anjan Kumar Roy
Film Director : Jayasree Bhattacharyya
After a certain point of time, all the shouting will get so much on your nerves that you will lose track of the story. And yes, she wears ridiculously gorgeous saris all the time, no matter if it’s early morning or the middle of the night!
It’s a very sad time for Bengali movies if the only scene that you will truly enjoy is a cameo of three minutes. RudranilGhosh and SudiptaaChakraborty’s cameo as a squabbling couple is one of the very few scenes where you will laugh spontaneously. For the rest, the lesser said, the better.
PS: A humble note of advice to the director from this poor reviewer — a sleazy item number isn’t something that can make a movie watchable. Please try to avoid them in future.

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