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Shikari Himanshu, Simantho Shakib Khan , Srabanti Chatterjee Co-Produced by Eskay Movies. # Shikari movie song shooting!! Shi...

Shikari Himanshu, Simantho Shakib Khan, Srabanti Chatterjee Co-Produced by Eskay Movies.

#Shikari movie song shooting!!
Shikari (English:Hunter)  is an Indo-Bangladesh joint production film directed by Joydeep Mukherjee and Zakir Hossain Simanto.[3] Produced by Abdul Aziz and Himanshu Dhanuka under the Jaaz Multimedia, Eskay Movies banner, and stars Shakib Khan, Srabanti Chatterjee, Rahul Dev and Sabyasachi Chakrabarty in pivotal roles and centers around Khan, a disguised professional assassin with mysterious past, tasked with assassinating a top government official. The film also features Amit Hasan, Kharaj Mukherjee, Shupriyo Dutta and Rahul Dev in supporting roles.  It is an official remake of the 2009 Tamil movie Aadhavan which was itself a remake of 1990 Malayalam movie His Highness Abdullah. The soundtrack album and background score of the film was composed by Indradeep Dasgupta.

A collaborative Jaaz-Eskay project involving Khan was first reported during mid 2014. However, the project was later shelved due to unavailability of actor. Due to numerous media reports, the film was originally planned to be a multi-starter film. Jaaz Multimedia intended to begin production of the film again after revisions in the script of the film. The production was officially announced by Jaaz Multimedia on January 2016, and Zakir Hossain Simanto and Joydip Mukherjee was hired as directors. The film is produced by Abdul Aziz, his production Jaaz Multimedia funded approximately 50% of the film's budget while Eskay Movies funded the rest. The film is scheduled to be released in Bangladesh on 7 July 2016

Story: The film opens with the narration of Sultan's childhood. Affected by abusive father and sudden death of mother, Sultan turns to criminal world at very early age. Impressed by his fearlessness and intelligence, a notorious underworld mafia picks up Sultan and trains him. Soon, Sultan becomes a dreaded assassin, who's identity is concealed from Police and Civilians. Rudra Chowdhury, an honest politician based in West Bengal, turns many influential people against him due to his honest approach. Since he is handling the inquiry and verdict on a doctor's child kidnapping, murder and organ trafficking cases in Kolkata, he is targeted by a powerful doctor, who wants him killed. Therefore, he hires numerous contact killers from India, which results in failure due to high security around Chowdhury.

Sultan, the face of Bangladesh's underworld is then contracted to assassinate Chowdhury, as they believe that it is impossible for whole Indian police department to catch him, due to his unmatchable skills. Sultan arrives in Chowdhury's palace in disguise of a gardener, and manages to get the job. The move helps him keep Chowdhury under surveillance at all time. He soon wins over the members of Chowdhury household. While Sultan lays out a complicated trap to assassinate Chowdhury, his daughter develop feelings for Sultan due to his simple-innocence nature.

Shakib Khan as Sultan/Raghob, a dreaded assassin with a mission to assassinate a very important political figure.
Srabanti Chatterjee, Sultan's love interest and a sheltered person in the house of the politician targeted by Sultan.
Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Rudro Chowdhury, A politician hailing from West Bengal
Rahul Dev, The main antagonist and Sultan's ally turned enemy.
Amit Hasan as the Police commissioner
Shupriyo Dutta as Sultan's godfather
Kharaj Mukherjee
Subroto Barua
Shiba Shanu
Rebeca Rouf

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