Niyoti 2016 – Bangla Full Movie

Niyoti (English: Fate) is a 2016 Bangladeshi romance film written by Abdullah Zahir and directed by Zakir Hossain. Produced by Abdul Aziz under the Jaaz Multimedia banner, the film stars Arifin Shuvo and Falguni Rahman Jolly in pivotal roles. The film is set in two different period of time. Shuvo plays an arrogant millionaire entrepreneur and strict by nature, who eventually falls in love with a girl who possess a totally opposite personality, played by Jolly. The film centers around the struggle Shuvo faces to cure the love of his life, Jolly, who suffers from Dementia, a long term memory loss. The plot of the film was inspired by 1996 romantic novel The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Niyoti released in India on 10 June 2016 and is scheduled to be officially release Bangladesh on July 2016.
Synopsis:At a modern-day, an elderly man begins to narrate a romantic story to an old women. The story he begins telling is about an arrogant young businessman who falls in love with a charming short tempered girl. Respectively, He belongs to the elite class, and she is to middle class. Two lovers later get married and settles to their new happy life. Their fate betrays eventually betrays as she gets diagnosed with Dementia, and starts forgetting all their memories day by day. Dejected after witnessing their son’s fate, the parents buys a large estate in a very rural and peaceful place away from the city and settles them there. 
In the present, it is revealed that the elderly man is narrating their love story to his wife, who is suffering from dementia. He is her husband, but she does not recognize him, nor remember any of the events he is reading to her.
Arifin Shuvoo
Falguni Rahman Jolly
Ishani Ghosh
Moushumi Saha
Shupriyo Dutta

Niyoti 2016 – Bangladeshi Bangla Full Movie – ft. Arifin Shuvoo, Jolly

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