Mrittupuri: Kill Zone 2018 Bangla Full Movie

MrittupuriKill Zone is a film about a Bangladeshi gangster crime war in Australia. This film is the directorial debut Zayed Rizwan, produced by Buddy Safi and Arijit Barua Shawon under their newly founded studio, Baz Films. This film marks the first Bangladeshi movie to be filmed and set entirely in Australia. With many well known actors, as well as a few new comers, it is a promising new outreach for the Bangladeshi community. The script was written by Faisal Roddy and the screenplay was conducted by Susmita Biswas.Nagib Hawk was responsible for the film’s music composition, and Igor Breakenback, renowned Hollywood action director choreographed many of the action scenes.The first look teaser of the movie was released on 20 February 2016. Upon its release, everyone in the industry had appreciated the new format of the teaser for a Bangladeshi movie. Some trade experts have mentioned Mrittupuri to be a game changer in the Dhallywood industry. Its Hollywood style looks and executions gave the indication of a revolution in the industry.

Mrittupuri: Kill Zone 2018 Bangladeshi Bangla Full Movie Watch Online [HD]

Plot: Sydney is a dream city for many immigrants, but also it is an ideal place for many international crime lords. Gangsters from Bangladesh, China, Lebanon, Russia have all moved to Australia, to take a piece of the pie, and try to build empire. Among them is the rising Bangladeshi gang Double R. Rajan Rahman (Rahmatullah), the kingpin of Bangladeshi gang is not happy with the way his elder son, Rajib Rahman (Saifullah Sadi) and his crime associate Raja (Arifin Shuvoo), run the business. The situation comes to a head after the timely death of Irish Mob boss’ son Jimmy, which prompts Rajib to leave the country. Raja maintains low profile during this period, and in the process falls in love with bar dancer Layla (Prosun Azad). Upon Rajib’s return, he warns Raja not to get involved with Layla, as he perceives Layla to be his own property. Raja manages to divert Rajib’s mind away, with plans to do business with Lengra Kashem (Taskeen Rahman), a mercenary from Bangladesh. Rajib and Sabbir, his youngest brother, meet Lengra and promise him the East coast territory, leading to their business partnership to become a booming new empire. Eventually, Rahman and his crew fall through on their deal, and remove Lengra from the partnership. Lengra decides to avenge this deception, waiting for the right time to strike.
Arifin Shuvoo as Raja
Prosun Azad as Layla
Saifullah Akber Sadi as Rajib Rahman
Taskeen Rahman as Lengra Kashem
Mrittupuri: Kill Zone 2018 Bangla Full Movie Watch Online HD, Mrittupuri: Kill Zone 2017 Bangla Full Movie

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