Wanted Bengali Full Movie Online

Wanted is a Motion, Crisis, Love and romantic bengali film which released in 2010 , Directed by Rabi Kinagi, starring Jeet, Srabanti, Sharad Kapoor, Biplab Chattopadhyay together with other people. Wanted tale will go such as this: Raja, a good orphan matures to become a felony since the conditions change him in to this type of individual.
Cast: Jeet, Srabanti, Biswajit Chakraborty, Biplab Chatterjee, Kharaj Mukerjee
Direction: Ravi Kinagi


Genre: Action


Wanted Kolkata Bengali full movie online


Wanted – New Kolkata Bangla/Bengali Movie 2013 Ft.Jeet,Srabanti 


Wanted Bengali Full Movie Online
Movie Review: Jeet is back to proving how Wanted he is in Tollywood. And all thanks to director Ravi Kinagi, who has left no stones unturned to promote his latest. 
An official remake of Mahesh Babu starrer Telugu film Athadu (which has been made in Hindi as well. Remember the Bobby Deol and Shriya Saran starrer Ek — The Power of One?), Wanted has all the right ingredients — stylised action sequences (certainly new to the Bengali audience), a gripping narrative backed by solid performances, a powerful presentation technique and an extremely well packaging, to top it all. 
The story revolves around a contract killer, Raja, who takes money from Subhankar aka Biplab to kill the Opposition leader, Amarnath Ganguly. But just when he is about to shoot him, another bullet strikes Amarnath and the leader dies. The cops and CBI alike think it’s Raja who is responsible. Raja, now on the run, takes refuge in Shibu’s (whom he meets in a train and who gets killed accidentally) home in Ganganagar. He poses as Shibu having dug out valuable information about him (from what he gathers during the meeting) and manages not to raise brows as Shibu was thought to be returning home after 12 long years with everyone clueless about how he looked. 
Though the film is engaging enough, one can’t help noticing the South influence, especially in the scene where Choudhury babu aka Biswajit talks to a rogue, who is after his property, what with men behind him standing with umbrellas in their hand! 
Jeet proves once again that he is a seasoned actor who has only got better with time. Flexing muscle is just a part of the game, the man now emotes with his eyes. The scene where he bashed up 100 goons alone, drew huge rounds of applause from the audience. Obviously then, the scene where he jumped off a highrise onto a running train, was enough to launch 1,000 catcalls in the auditorium! 
Srabanti looks cute as the chulbuli Pooja, who falls hook, line and sinker for Raja whom she assumes to be gramer paliye jaoya chhele, Shibu. Kharaj does a fabulous job as the funnyman and even before he opened his mouth, the audience was in splits. 
Another surprise in the film comes in the form of Sharad Kapoor aka Salim Khan, the CBI officer whose only weakness is goodlooking women. His character too is well-etched out and adds that extra zing to the narrative. 
The only flipside to Wanted is its music, scored by Rajesh Roy. One needed to be a li’l more careful as the other big release of the week had Jeet Gannguli churning out some soulful music.

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